Assignment: Alternate perspective

Assignment: Human Growth and Development
May 30, 2022
Assignment: Social Psychology Discussion
May 30, 2022

Assignment: Alternate perspective

Assignment: Alternate perspective

Assignment: Alternate perspective


Assignment: Alternate perspective

1. Give a specific example of each type of information-giving response for a made up scenario.

1) Orienting statements

2) Instructions or directions

3) Feedback

4) Alternate perspective

5) Informational statement

2. Describe the characteristics of the interviewing phases.

1) Exploration stage

2) Clarification stage

a) Problem definition

b) Problem prioritization

c) Goal formation

3) Action stage: preparation for the action and termination

3. Explain techniques to overcome challenges to cooperation. Be sure to include sources and reasons for client resistance as well as describing ways to improve client ability, emotion, and motivation.

4. Describe the five stages of change.

1) Precontemplation

2) Contemplation

3) Preparing for action

4) Action

5) Maintenance

5. What are examples of reflective feeling? Be specific.

Applying the 21 Synectics

The need for thinking and problem-solving skills dominates our lives. Individuals must analyze problems in the workplace, at school, as a parent, and in many other daily situations. You have an opportunity to practice your problem-solving skills through this assignment.

Assignment: Select one problem from the following list or define your own problem.

Design a new textbook for a psychology class, science class, etc.
Invent a new telephone.
Design a new suitcase.
Design new clothes for soldier/teacher/cook/student/etc.
Invent a new style for a video game.
Create a short story.
Design a new computer.
Invent a new way to protect computers from viruses.
Create a new type of credit card.
Work on solving a problem of your own choosing – a problem that is related to your major field of study.

You will create one idea for every item on the list (all 21 items)!!
What is important for this assignment is your ability to generate ideas.
Number your ideas 1 through 21.
Generate 21 ideas about solving it, using the 21 Synectics steps listed below:
Response should be at least 500 words