Applied Research in Psychology

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May 21, 2021
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May 21, 2021

Applied Research in Psychology

Applied Research in Psychology

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· Write a 3-4 page paper that describes a possible solution for a clinical scenario, with support from both theory and research.


For this assessment, you will learn about applied research. Psychological research is applied in many of our day-to-day experiences in places such as industry and businesses, schools, health care centers, and sports arenas. You will also learn about research methods that psychologists use to collect data on, analyze, and understand behavior—the scientific method—as well as some of the major approaches used to collect and measure behavioral data. The scientific method is what gives psychologists credibility when treating, assessing, and predicting behavior. In fact, the entire goal of psychology is that after studying behavior systematically, psychologists can apply their newly learned knowledge to real-world situations and assist humans in living better lives.




Before beginning this assessment, preview the following:


Next, choose one of the scenarios described below. After you have selected a scenario to analyze, select theories to help you frame the problem described in the scenario. You will present possible solutions and support your work with a minimum of three scholarly research articles.

Research your chosen theory. Use the Capella University Library to find 3–4 scholarly research articles on your topic. For each scenario, you will find recommended search terms and databases that will help you get started. Use the following Capella University Library resources to conduct research:

·, as it walks you through the steps of looking through the assessment, as well as how to create an outline. It also provides a checklist you can use to make sure all of your steps are completed.


You are part of a psychological team planning to prepare astronauts for the manned mission to Mars. Your task is to identify solutions for possible psychological problems that may result as part of the trip.

Think about potential psychological problems that can occur during preparation for and during space travel. In your assessment, describe the potential problems so your reader has a good understanding of the negative psychological impact astronauts can experience. Consider and discuss possible prevention or intervention ideas in your paper, and support your thinking about potential problems and solutions with information you find from the scholarly research articles you selected.

· Possible theories or perspectives:

5. Positive psychology.

5. Humanistic psychology.