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Aging Parents Essay

Aging Parents Essay

I have seen and heard of many, in fact, unbelievably more than what I expect, ?old folks?? homes in almost all countries in the world. Though I have not yet gone on a world tour to observe and confirm what I have been hearing from friends about the poignant and heartbreaking sight of the ?old folks? who have been neglected by their children, I have been kept well informed by the mass media. Millions of older people are homeless, even in so-called advanced countries. It?s like an epidemic of no-time-for-looking-after-parents-session has almost plagued the whole world. Talking about one good traditional Asian value that we are all very proud of, that is filial piety, which emphasizes on looking after one?s parents with love in their old age, isn?t it in contradiction to the reality which depicts a growing trend towards broken family ties between parents and children. Aging Parents Essay Paper
Generally speaking humans are believed to be grateful beings and have a tendency to return help once given. However, apparently, there are still abundant cases where children do not look after their aged parents. It is indeed pathetic to see the once proud souls loitering around the street,


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Below is a free essay on “Not Sending Parents to Old Age Homes” from Anti Essays. your beginning for free research documents. essays. and term paper illustrations. Parents give life to their kids. Parents raise their kids. Parents give everything they can to do certain their kids turn up safe and ready to confront the future in front of them. It is for this ground that when the clip comes. kids have a moral duty to take attention of their parents. It is their responsibility to demo regard and love and to care for their ain parents instead than hold aliens care for them. we can see present coevals is making antonym of that. now a yearss kids are directing their old parents to nursing places because of turning population of older people. and clip factor or clip direction. By puting parents in nursing places. the kid involved takes opportunity that his/her parents may be cared decently. until the terminal of their lives. Aging Parents Essay Paper

Harmonizing to WHO statistics. there are 668million older people populating today. and this figure is expected to increase over 2 billion in another 35 old ages. The mean human life anticipation has increased from 40 old ages to over 64 old ages now. a individual today has 20 old ages more to populate than he or she would hold 50 old ages ago. With this sort of aging scenario. there is force per unit area on all facets of attention for older people from shelter. fundss to wellness necessities. The turning insecurity of older people in our coevals has become really seeable. With more people populating longer and families acquiring smaller and congested. there has been an addition in emphasis in both joint and drawn-out households.

The alteration in households has contributed to the turning realisation among elderly individual that they are being perceived as. more frequently than non. a load to their ain kids. Everybody is so busy with his/ her professional life that they can non give or pass quality clip with their old parents. They frequently ignore them and their demands. Being responsible for the aged parents means the aged parents is acquiring the proper and best attention you can give while seeking to run into their wants and needs being responsible and caring for an elderly…Aging Parents Essay Paper

The relationship between a parent and a kid is the strongest relationship that could of all time be. However. it is known that parents and kids do non ever acquire on really good. Why? Because parents are non resolved when it comes to their kids and are non determined plenty to give them the best they can? Or because childs can non appreciate the things their parents do for them and be given to be sort of selfish? It can’t be precisely defined in most of the instances. Normally both sides are responsible for those misinterpretations. On the one manus. it is really popular amongst parents to hold a degree of outlooks about their kids. Mothers and male parents frequently have dreams of what their kids will be. When those dreams do non come to fruition. letdown is frequently evident.Aging Parents Essay Paper

And it is normal for one parent to anticipate their child to hold good manners. acquire good classs at school and so on. However. the parents of kids that rebel frequently set the saloon excessively high and most of the kids can non run into their outlooks. Sometimes this insisting for the childs to be ‘the best’ at everything turns out to be instead raging for them. That is the point where tolerance and hard-working bends to stubbornness and rebellion. By pressing the kids excessively much. parents do non gain that in this manner they kill their will to warrant their outlooks. On the other manus. kids themselves tend to be sort of ‘little devils’ sometimes. Childhood rebellion is parents’ worst incubus. There are childs whose rebellion is caused by parental force per unit area. Others rebel because that’s merely the manner they are. After all they are merely childs. Aging Parents Essay Paper

They sulk over a batch of material. you can non think what their following want will be. Something they wanted yesterday might be something they would throw off if you gave it to them today. As for the adolescents. their instance is a batch more complicated. Most of the clip all they want is independency and apprehension. and when they do non acquire it they rebel and become chesty. something which parents would ne’er accept. To reason. for the interest of balance and peace parents should allow their childs know they love them. understand them. give them adequate clip and non hotfoot them. Children should make the same for their parents and hopefully children-parents’ wars will be reduced significantly.

Deadbeat Parents Essay, Research Paper

Parents who do non pay their kid support are deadbeat parents. This creates a adversity for the instance directors in the kid support office, the legal staff in fixing paperss and tribunal visual aspects, but most significantly, the kids who are the receivers of the child support. Child support enforcement exists to assist guarantee that every kid receives the support that is required by jurisprudence. This procedure begins through tribunal ordered divorce, paternity familial testing, or application made straight to the kid support office. Aging Parents Essay Paper

Through a tribunal ordered divorce proceeding, the absent parent ( the person who is non awarded detention ) is required to pay child support. Guidelines are established for finding the sum to be paid and an order is established. If an person is in dissension with an order a paternity familial trial can be given. A tutelary parent can finish an application to subject to the local kid support enforcement office. Once this is received, the application goes through several procedures.

First, an establishment instance director reviews the paperwork and has assignments with both parties involved. Once the order is established, through the instance director or kid

support tribunal, the degree Celsius

ase goes to an enforcement instance director. This individual is responsible for implementing the kid support order by keeping contact with the absent parent, procuring employment information, reference, etc. If an person fails to follow with the order, another procedure begins. The instance is referred to the legal section for enforcement. Paperwork issued from the tribunal is mailed to the single necessitating them to look in tribunal on a specific day of the month and clip. If they do look, they are given an chance to explicate why they are non run intoing their order. If this is acceptable by the justice, they are given another chance to follow. In most instances, the absent parents do non demo up for tribunal and a disdain warrant is issued. These defaulters are non easy found. The child support enforcement office has to depend on information received from concerned citizens. However, most citizens do non desire to acquire involved due to a fright of revenge. Many stairss are taken to try to implement the order. Aging Parents Essay Paper

The figure of defaulter parents is turning every twenty-four hours. Stricter Torahs need to be enacted to implement these instances. Once the absent parent is jailed for non-compliance, there needs to be a minimal sum of clip ( ex: 60 yearss ) that the person has to function irrespective if the conformity is met or non.

The life style and some wellness issues of this century have led to a steady. ample addition in the figure of single-parent acceptances. Why would a successful. independent individual adult male or adult female want to give up his or her freedom and presume the duties of raising a kid? The tendency is chiefly due to the fact that the desire to raising and portion life as a household has become to be a strong demand that is felt by a big figure of people. and one that is non entirely to married people or twosomes. The intent of acceptance is to supply kids a loving and caring parent. Single parents should be allowed to follow because more individual parents provide a solid environment for the kid. there is a deficit of adoptive parents for older and handicapped kids. and individual parents have the impulse to raising and raise a kid.

First of all. individual parent acceptance provides a much more solid environment: a place free from the issues of an unstable. broken place and its effects on the kid. Individual parents are normally of higher instruction and hold higher incomes in comparing to the states average. They have concentrated on their callings and have established a stable place that would profit a kid. Divorced parents. on the other manus. are covering with emotional and fiscal emphasis. which can negatively impact a kid. Harmonizing to New York Times. “out of fifth part of the nation’s 51. 1 million Caucasic kids. over half of the 9. 8 million African American kids and about tierce of the 7 million Latino kids live with one parent due to disassociate and unwed mothers” . With these types of statistics. there is no ground to know apart against a individual individual for following a kid when he or she is rather capable of supplying a stable and nurturing environment. Aging Parents Essay Paper

Another point is that there is a great deficit of adoptive parents for older kids and those with disablements. Single parents can assist to make full this deficit. The bulk of twosomes looking to follow desire a healthy Caucasic babe. However ; the figure of healthy Caucasic babies available for acceptance has decrease due to deliver control. legalized abortion. and determination of unwed female parents to maintain their babes. Career. on the other manus. is the ground why many people find themselves individual. Many individual grownups may hold a calling that allows clip for an older kid and take non to hold the physical demands of caring for an baby.

Raising a kid from babyhood may non appeal to a calling oriented individual. but a school-age kid or adolescent may be more appealing. A individual parent may besides hold the expertness or passion that would profit a kid with disablements. A individual parent does non hold a partner to divide their clip with and can give their exclusive attending to handicapped kid. Furthermore. many individual parents taking to follow are financially stable and can cover with the added costs of disablements. It is a shame to watch older. disabled. or kids of other ethnicities left behind when they could hold the secure environment and sole-love of a individual parent.Aging Parents Essay Paper

In add-on to the deficit of adoptive parents. individual parents follow for the same grounds as married twosomes. Single parents have the impulse to raising and raise a kid. They seek to hold a household unit and portion their life with another. merely as married twosomes do. The chief ground individual parents follow is the fact that their ain childhood was carry throughing and happy. and they are ready to portion their experience. Single parents attack acceptance with the same committedness and devotedness as married twosomes. Many of the individual parents. who have pursued callings and seting off matrimony and holding kids until they are older. happen that they have reached their mid-thirtiess. without a hubby. but with a desire to raise a kid. Adoption becomes a feasible option for individual adult females who feel that holding a biological kid out-of-wedlock is unacceptable or who find that they are sterile.

One statement against individual parent acceptance is that it deprives kids of a traditional two parent household ensuing in emotional and physical jobs for the

kids. “Single work forces face even tougher examination as they are asked intimate inquiries about their gender. motivations. friends. and populating agreements. They may be qualified to parent and still be turned down” . From my point of position. an unstable or broken place can do more harm to a kid than the deficiency of an extra parent. Aging Parents Essay Paper

Single parent places may be peculiarly suited for kids who need intense and close relationships. therefore peculiarly appropriate for many of the older kids in surrogate attention who are now being prepared for lasting places. For some kids. such a close bond may run into a demand and be a way to normal development. Although there are many obstructions confronting individual parents who adopt. they are capable of raising a kid is a loving environment. The deficit of adoptive parents besides opens the door for them. in a manner assisting a kid come out of the jobs associated with married twosomes.

In my sentiment. there is non adequate interaction between adolescents and their parents these yearss. I think it is true because of calling of their parent. modern engineering. and distance between them. The first ground is the calling of their parent. The parents ever hope their kids were life in the best status and were taken attention in the best services. So they try to gain more money in order to pay for the fee of instruction of their kids. It do them word harder. and they lost the clip for speaking and playing with their kids. Therefore. more and more kids feel familiar with pantryman than their parents. Aging Parents Essay Paper

The 2nd ground is the distance between them. Their parent effort to acquire promote in their work so they work more than another coworker. They make more money and their kids have better instructor. life status and the pantryman who take care the kids replacing their parent. The kids grow up in the pantryman manus so the kids feel familiar with pantryman and sometimes believe pantryman is more of import than their parents. Aging Parents Essay Paper

Finally. the modern engineering is a large problem made increasing the distance between them. Nowadays. there are many modern engineering staff to kids bask such as. the computing machine. PlayStation. and amusements. The kids have many friend on-line and they spend much clip on cyberspace with friend alternatively of assisting their parent make housekeeping or acquire really experience from their parents.

In short. interaction between adolescents and their kids is less and less so the parents need care their kids more and do them go a utile and responsible individual. The kids need to be turn up in loving.

Why Children Should Not Send Aged Parents to Old Folks’ Home
There is a story told about a couple who brought along their child and their aged, sickly, bed-ridden father into the forest with the intention of dumping their father there. They carried him in a basket. Their child wanted to bring the basket back home after that. The couple asked him why he did so. The child replied that he wanted to use the basket to dump them in the forest when they were old. In the end, the couple quickly brought their father back home. The moral lesson is one should not dump their aged parents. Aging Parents Essay Paper

Sending parents to old-age homes
Nowadays, many children are dumping their aged parents by sending them to the old folks’ home due to different kinds of reasons as well as excuses. Although many people feel that sending their aged parents to the old folks’ home is better for them rather than staying at home, I strongly agree that the government should introduce laws against parent dumping because old people would like to be close to their family, they will not be well-taken care of in the old folks’ home and they can contribute their help in housework and also taking care of their grandchildren to ease the burden of their children. Aging Parents Essay Paper

Firstly, the government should introduce laws against parent dumping. This is due to the fact that many aged parents would like to stay close with their children. Many aged parents have been working hard and earning money throughout their life. They might not have a close relationship with their children because they have spent most of their time on earning money. So, a good kinship with their children is important to them especially after retirement. But, those children who do not have a good relationship with their parents may send them to the old folks’ home.

This is because they think that their parents did not care for them enough while they were young. So, they choose to do the same thing to their elderly parents. According to Landers (2009), risks of getting sentimental, attitude and growth problems for children are increasing due to the lack of time to communicate with their parents. However, children should not do this to them because they have sacrificed their whole life for working all the time just to give their children a good living environment and education.

One should think how difficult it is their parents have raised them up. According to joeykangkang (2011), one says ‘blood is thicker than water’. Thus, one should not forsake their parents if they want to stay with them. In other words, laws against parent dumping should be practiced. In addition, aged people may not be well taken care of in old folks’ home. The reason is there are too many patients in the old folks’ home. The nursing staff cannot take care of every patient thoroughly. Therefore, one’s aged parents may not be well-tended there.

According to Rubin (2008), there were about 70% of patients with dementia passed away in the old folks’ home. Statistic has revealed that old people who stay in old folks’ home own higher risk to suffer from dementia than old people who stay at home. This is because the aged people in old folks’ home seldom communicate with their children after they are sent there. From this study, one should not send their elderly parents to the old folks’ home. Indeed, it is an act of jeopardizing their parents. Apart from this, it is filial piety to take care of elderly parents. Aging Parents Essay Paper

According to Singh (2011), it is good to care for one’s aged parents but very sarcastically this scenario has changed since children are aiming for the property and money of the aged parents. In short, one should take care of their aged parents all the time but not only for the pecuniary reason. The government should take actions on introducing laws against parent dumping to protect the right of elderly people. According to Leung (2011), there is a law in China that states that the parents are allowed to sue their children in court for not paying enough visits to them.

The government should follow this legislation which is beneficial to parents against parent dumping. Furthermore, elderly people still can contribute their help in housework and also taking care of their grandchildren. The government should take this into consideration while introducing laws against parent dumping. One should throw away that kind of prejudice that old people are useless. In fact, elderly people have more experience in doing housework and taking care of children. Meanwhile, they are not as useless as one thinks. For instance, one may busy working all the day and do not have the time to take care of their own children.

At this time, elderly parents can lend a hand to take care of their children. According to Family Relationship Services Australia (FRSA) (2011), a survey conducted by Australian Bureau of Statistics in 2002 showed that out of every five children who aged between 0-11 years old, there is one child taken care by elderly parents. This has evinced the help that elderly people can contribute in. One is more rest assured when their children are taking care of by the people whom they knew instead of stranger such as a maid or nursery to take care of their children.